Prayer Requests

One of the most amazing parts of this journey so far is the incredible feeling I have knowing that every single day, there are people thinking about me and praying for me. I am beyond grateful for each one of you. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or alone, I just imagine this little army coming along side of me and it puts a smile on my face. I will do my best to post prayer requests here for those of you who are committed to supporting me and my family up in this way. I cannot say thank you enough!!


July 14, 2017

  • Pray for continued healing. Two surgeries in 2.5 months have taken their toll on my body and mind. Please pray for all of the areas in my body that aren’t normal to be healed and for me to have wisdom of what to do in the natural.
  • Pray for my energy and strength to continue to come back stronger each day.
  • Pray for a sound mind and the ability to think clearly throughout my days.
  • Pray for my back to be free of pain and that I can take steps toward healing again. I’ve experienced a lot more back pain after this surgery which is compounded by not being able to do the exercises and things that will strengthen and protect me from further injury.

June 5, 2017

  • Pray for a good pre-op appt today (June 5th) with my reconstructive surgeon and wisdom as we make final decisions for next week’s surgery.
  • Pray for me to have endurance, energy and clear thinking. I hit the wall often still and have to remind myself that my capacity is not at the place I am used to.
  • Continue to pray for my back. I have seen progress in the last two weeks but due to the upcoming surgery, I will experience another stretch of inactivity. Pray that I do not suffer any increased nerve or disc pain as a result.
  • Pray that we finish this last week of the school year strong.
  • For all the life, house and kid tasks that will again be placed on Lance and other willing people.
  • Pray for our kids to have patience and understanding as we begin their summer break with yet another surgery.


April 12, 2017

Below are some specific prayer requests for the week.

  • Pray for a good doc appt today with my breast surgeon
  • I have some skin trauma from the procedure that I would love prayer for healing.
  • Pray for my back as all the inactivity is starting to add up and increase my pain there.
  • For all the life, house and kid tasks beginning to add up. Pray we find creative ways to accomplish them and for the right people to provide support for us.
  • Pray for our kids to have a good spring break this week and not feel that it’s totally taken over by my stuff.

March 30, 2017 – Surgery Day

  • Pray that all cancer is contained and lymph nodes are clear as all early testing has confirmed.
  • Pray for a seamless and smooth surgery and recovery.
  • Pray for my surgeons, Dr. Clarfeld and Dr. Min, plus all medical staff involved with me.
  • Pray for continued peace as I experience my first ever surgery and hospital stay.
  • Pray for the friends and family supporting us directly over the next few days.
  • Please keep on praying over our children as well. They continue to handle this all very well but tonight a lot of emotions were present as they said goodnight to me and prepared to wake up in the morning knowing Mommy was already off to the hospital and going through a difficult experience.

March 24, 2017

  • Pray for continued healing in my back. Pray that the time of rest and inactivity during my surgery recovery would only progress my healing. One of the biggest aggravators to my back symptoms is sitting which is pretty much all I’m allowed to do for the first 10 days. Pray that I find comfortable positions to spend my days and that I am able to walk around very quickly after my procedure.
  • I am fortunate that the surgeon I selected is willing to try a nipple sparing procedure in the mastectomy. Pray that this is successful. This requires two things. Number 1, that all of the tissue tested from behind the nipple must come back from the lab free of cancerous cells. This report will be back within 3-5 days post surgery. Number 2, there is sufficient blood flow to this area post surgery so that the nipple can “survive”.
  • Pray that every detail comes together for our plans post surgery for our family life and schedule.
  • Please pray for the people walking closely beside us these next few weeks. I’m so grateful for every single person who is committed to helping us with carpool rides, dinners, washing laundry, going to Costco, hanging out at my bedside… The list goes on and on.

March 19, 2017

  • Please pray for all things related to surgery and the day of surgery to go perfectly. Pray for our surgeon, reconstructive surgeon, anesthesiologist, and every other medical professional working with me to be at their very best and that I can be a blessing to them somehow throughout this process.  
  • Pray for clear margins after surgery.
  • Pray that we will receive final confirmation that all tissues and lymph nodes will be clear of invasive cancer. This report will be back within 3-5 days post surgery.
  • Pray for wisdom with regards to the oncology report. While it will not be necessary for me to receive chemo or radiation, it is recommended that I take a drug for prevention of cancer on the left breast. It would be an oral drug taken for 5-10 years but has it share of risks. Pray we have wisdom how to proceed after surgery in this area.
  • Please pray for my kids as they will be spending a good amount of time away from me throughout surgery and the first couple days of recovery while I am in the hospital.
  • Pray for Lance as he becomes my main caregiver after surgery while trying to be super Dad, keeping life moving while I recovery.
  • Pray for continued peace, joy, strength and a sound mind as I approach this battle one day at a time.


February 22, 2017

  • I am asking for specific prayer that a surgery date will be set quickly and it will go smoothly and be successful in removing all cancer.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as we select the right surgeon and team of doctors, nutritionists, and naturopaths to come along side of us.
  • Please pray we are not thrown any curve balls but we have a full and complete picture of this issue.
  • Pray for Lance as he instantly takes on a role of caregiver for a season while processing his own feelings and emotions. Pray that he would be able to balance caring for me, the kids and his work with peace and joy.
  • Pray for our sweet children.  Be praying for them as they walk this journey out and that we would be able to stay in tune with their needs.
  • Pray that as a family we are able to keep balance and not allow this diagnosis to consume our life but allow it to refine our life.