Love & Character

Why Love & Character? The phrase love and character became a regular quote for me about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I was constantly getting in over my head on projects around the house or for birthday parties, baby showers and nurseries. I would have a fabulous vision in my head or maybe a picture from online (this was before Pinterest and all it’s glory came along). I’d find myself knee deep in a project and realize it wasn’t going to be quite like what I had imagined it would be. It seemed like the same person  was always around every time I was working on something headed for disaster. Daesha began to tease and encourage me not to feel discouraged because I was simply adding a little “character” to the task. My initial and defensive response was that I was putting a lot of love into it and I’d find a way to fix the flaws somehow. The projects always had a way of turning out in the end and it was often those little mishaps and mistakes along the way that took them to the next level. I began to get even more excited about each project. I would pour love into each one and embrace the flaws as character. Character that actually made it more unique, more beautiful.

Here I am almost a decade later and that phrase continues to mold my life. I am constantly learning to embrace the flaws, the unexpected, the less than perfect. It isn’t always easy and sure isn’t fun, but I’ve seen how God has used the difficult, the mistakes, and the flaws to create something in my life far better than I could have imagined. He truly does exchange beauty for ashes. I am confident this next chapter and battle against breast cancer will be no different. Hop over to My Story to learn about how this was discovered.

Fired Up, Ready To Go! 


Beauty For Ashes APR 2010 Header

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